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  1. We are FASTER:
    We focus on already (hidden) existing solutions and potentials. With this resource-oriented perspective, we get results and connections faster.
  2. We are SUSTAINABLE:
    We do integrate so called resistances in change processes. We strive for appropriate solutions that are adaptable for everyone in the system. In combination with the learning processes that our methods trigger, our work leads to more commitment and sustainability.
    We embrace teams and people as autopoietic, learning systems. We promote their autonomy by explaining our methods transparently and making them repeatable independently of us.

Systemic solution-oriented
Team Development

SLOG stands for team development that inspires people and keeps organizations capable for the future.

With our team development you get appropriate solutions and reflection about your collaboration, roles, your communication and agile mindset.

Experience how our approach creates innovation and high performance.

Find out how our work makes the crucial difference.

Start with your team focused into your future.
How can we support you?

What we do as Slog

You are looking for solutions to difficult challenges. We develop tailor-made activities with you: Workshops and international leadership programs. We help you to activate useful, sustainable processes in your company.  We manage communication processes – directly through moderation and indirectly through coaching, training and workshops. Let’s create a piece of a better future together!


Our facilitations are driven by asking the right questions at the right moment. We moderate strategy meetings and leadership workshops and enable better cooperation through conflict moderation!

Leadership Development

Leadership development saves your company money! We align the leadership programs with the desired corporate culture and the future challenges in cooperation and thus develop the team leads and high potentials with international programs!


With 1:1 coaching we individually accompany your personal development! With SLOG Coaching you are assured of a professional sparring partner who strengthens the meta-competencies that you need for your leadership responsibilities!


Inspired participants and sustainable learning experiences are the results of SLOG trainings. We take the soft skills to another level: leadership communication, feedback skills, change and conflict management. We transform your PE topics into an on-site experience!


We create individual, digital learning paths. Our blended learning programs are based on 20 years of training experience and a high awareness of digital media. Use the appropriate personality tests, our checklists, videos and live elements such as webinars for new learning!


In this team experience, leaders and teams learn all about decision-making, communication and leadership. You will experience stressful situations, reflect on your communication and self-efficacy and thereby develop peak performance.

How we work at Slog

Change happens everywhere and all the time. But do change move in the desired direction?
We focus on successful patterns and organizational capabilities. We develop teams to manage their own change. To do this, we use principles of systems theory and proven methods from solution-oriented coaching. Together we develop approaches to leadership and scenarios for a constructive and productive team and company culture.
As partners of eye level, we enable executives to manage change in a new way. With the systemic solution-oriented approach as a meta-competence, executives fill their role requirements more confidently.
We take a customer-centric perspective. In the same way, we encourage your team to design all work processes and communication from a customer perspective.

SLOG for Organizations

Check-in for Start-up´s!

When a start-up becomes a rapidly growing company, everything will change.

We support the development of suitable organizational structures and communication processes.

With the Startup Check, you quickly get a plan and set up your organization for the future.

Systemic Change Management!

80% of all change projects fail. The reasons are traditional change management thinking and ignoring informal networks.

If you as a leader need to implement successful change processes, use our systemic solution-oriented approach.

Experience new thinking and empower your team.

Get to know the Slog team

We generate added value for you through our diversity and our passion for development. 

Bild Stefanie Selke
Stefanie Selke: Systemic Coach und Consultant for organisational development (M.A.)

Stefanie Selke

As managing director of SLOG, Stefanie Selke stands for 100% quality. With the systemic solution-oriented approach she brings faster results in coaching, people development and organizational consulting.

Stefanie Selke was already quickly in a leadership role in her first job as a production manager. At the German public broadcaster ARD, PROSIEBEN and the children’s TV channel KIKA, she was responsible for program schedules, budgets and hundreds of employees. After an 8-year career, she followed her passion for developing people and organizations.

She still lives this profession today as an executive coach and coach trainer, as a trainer and systemic consultant in transformation processes.

Susanne Schoönborn SLOG

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schönborn

Professor for systemic and solutionoriented approach in consulting
As a systemic coach, Susanne Schönborn is a strategic sparring partner for companies, associations and non-profit organizations. In particular, business leaders benefit from her analytical and visionary skills in strategy workshops. 

Martin Spieles SLOG

Martin Spieles

Systemic Coach and Consultant for organizational development
His experience as a PR professional in one of Germany’s largest publishing houses is much valued in situations of change and crisis. Martin Spieles knows the issues of executives in the transition to an agile organization very well.

Robert Kademann SLOG

Robert Kademann

People & Culture development Consultant and Mediator
When Robert Kademann is outlining the architecture of change processes, he is passionate about analyzing the processes of group dynamic relationships within the organization. He is an expert on structural change in public organizations.  


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